🇬🇧 Ksenia Bondar

Ksenia Bondar (Ukraine) has been dancing tango since 2005, first devoting all her time and energy to learning it from famous Argentinian and European maestros and then dancing, teaching and organizing tango events in Ukraine. She was the owner of one of first tango schools in Ukraine and regularly teachers tango in Europe. With different partners and alone she was giving workshops&classes in Kiev, Warsaw, Paris, Nevers, Normandy, Berlin, Milan, Luxemburg, Saarbruken, Naples&Campagnia. In 2010 she lived in Buenos Aires for some time to improve her level of dancing and teaching.

Since 2018 she has been teaching in Naples & Campania (Italy) whithin Tango DiBattiti school. Was a part of dancing cast of the tango show “Emigrante Bandoneon”, Naples, Teatro Nuovo.

Ksenia elaborated her own method of teaching that has an individual approach to every student and based on natural movement technique combined with energy issues and contact in couple. For her tango is much more than just a dance. It is her lifestyle, endless pleasure and serious work, meeting new people, travelling, active lifestyle and many nuances in human relations. Her students are people of different age and life experience, beliefs, credos and emotionality.