🇬🇧 Vincenzo DiBattiti

Vincenzo DiBattiti is an ex musician who became a dancer. He met tango in 2006, initially as a musician, and then in 2008 he started to dance. Attending classes and workshops every day, he gradually devoted himself to tango and, as a result, tango became his lifestyle. For many years he has been teaching in various schools in the province of Campania, as well as throughout Italy, working with professional dancers of different nationalities.

As a member of the tango-escenario team, he took part in different tango shows and performed in various cultural venues.

As a tango DJ, he is registered with SIAE and regularly plays music during various tango events in Europe, perfectly feeling the audience and improvising with the respect of the rules and techniques of good taste.

During regular classes with famous teachers, Vincenzo developed his own dance technique based on understanding of his own body work in communication with his partner and music. Which he teaches with full dedication and clarity, in precise and technically understandable manner.